Our easy to use Single Property Website Creator and eBlast ordering system is the perfect way for Arizona Realtors® to effectively market their listings in today's tech savvy world.

Introducing our BRAND NEW Virtual Tour option!

Take your Single Property Websites to the next level by upgrading them to our new Virtual Tour interface. It's crisp, clean, and modern without the annoying sleepy music.

Blast Your Single Property Website To Select Arizona Real Estate Professionals

You select the regions and AZListingInfo does the rest!

We advertise YOUR listing, not OUR services!

Your Property Website won't be cluttered with our advertising. Your listing is our first priority!

A simple link to our services appears at the BOTTOM of your property website, not surrounding it.


We can do it ALL for you!* All you need to do is enter the Property Info and we do the rest!
  • Creating the Single Property Website for your listing
  • eBlasting it out to Realtors® in the property's region
  • Listing it on AZBestAgents.com
  • Promoting it on the Builders Research and AZBestAgents.com Facebook Pages
* Each Do It For Me is only $25. No additional token purchase required. Requires credit card on file.

We have over 24,000 Real Estate Professionals in our CAN-SPAM compliant eBlast database!

Each Property Website costs

Upgrade to a Virtual Tour
ONE TOKEN - Optional

Remove advertisements
ONE TOKEN - Optional

Each eMail Blast Area costs
ONE TOKEN - Optional

Our pricing model is designed to be cost effective and value packed.

You can spend your tokens however you choose. Create combinations of Single Property Websites with or without eMail Blasts. Send to as many areas as you want, or just create a website for your property without any additional offerings. They're your tokens, spend them how you want!

Register TODAY and get

Create your first Single Property Website for free in SECONDS

How does AZListingInfo work?

Register with AZListingInfo.com

Once registered, you can access AZListingInfo.com at any time. As a registered user, you can create and edit your profile to include all of your contact information. This information is automatically placed on each Property Website you create. Changes are immediate and are reflected on your sites immediately.

Create A New Single Property Website

It's never been easier for Arizona Realtors® to create Single Property Websites (eFlyers). Simply enter the property information and we do the rest! You can also select from dozens of color combinations and backgrounds. Simply upload up to 60 of your images. What could be easier?

Review and proof

Once all of the information for your Property Website has been entered, you can preview the finished product and 'proof' it. NOTE: You will need to click the payment button where you will be taken to our payment screen letting you pay with Credit Tokens.

Market your Property Website

When your Property Website becomes active, you can select the links provided and use them in emails. We even show you how you can place your Property Website on your Facebook® page.

Account Information

  • Why should I register?
  • When you register you will have the ability to enter your office and contact information. You can upload your photos, office logos, personal pictures, and more. Having this information entered initially will save a lot of time on your future Property Websites, as that information is automatically filled in when the Property Website is created. An account will also enable you to see previous Property Websites, copy to new Property Websites, make minor changes, pay for and proof your Property Website, and take advantage of sales and specials.
  • Can my payment information be kept on file for future use?
  • Yes. When you pay via Paypal®, your information is recorded with them. Returning customers can simply pay by clicking the payment button and entering their Paypal® username and password. For your online safety and security, we do not record ANY of that information. Your actual credit card number and billing information will be stored on the secure servers of Paypal.com®.
  • Is my information safe?
  • Definitely! We are a verified and certified Paypal® Merchant. The credit card number is collected in a secure server (encrypted) environment, through the secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel. Paypal® is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information, and combating fraud.
  • How do I update my account info?
  • To make changes to your AZListingInfo.com account, simply log in and click the "My Settings" link next to your name in the green info line near the top of the page, or use the menu button at top. To make changes to your billing information, please log in to your Paypal® account.
  • How do I recover my password?
  • If you forget your password, click the 'Login/Register" button at the top right of the screen. Enter the email address you used when you registered and click the "Forgot Password' button. An email containing your password will be sent to that email address. If you are still having problems logging in, please contact our support staff.
  • Are there any additional fees to create and market my Property Website?
  • No. Our program is designed to be a simple, single fee service.
  • Can you bill me?
  • No. We do not do billing. Your credit card receipt serves as your invoice. Note: Paypal® does offer a "Bill me later" service that is available when you check out. This is handled strictly through Paypal®, not AZListingInfo.com
  • Can you resend a receipt?
  • No, but Paypal® can. When you log in to your Paypal® account you can view and print a variety of reports and receipts.

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Ordering Process

  • How does the Property Website creation process work?
  • As outlined above, you create the Property Website from scratch selecting your various. Once at the main edit screen, you simply fill in the necessary information, upload additional photos, and 'proof' your Property Website by purchasing it. Once it is in your library, you will have access to all the links and information needed to distribute and market your listing. You can also edit certain portions of your Property Website like price and description.
  • May I use my Property Website before I pay for it?
  • Yes. When you log in, you are allowed to view your Property Website for proofing. This is great for creating a Property Website for a potential client and showing them that you have the tools and skills needed to effectively market their home in today's tech-savvy world. Payment is required in order for your Property Website to be made available on-line to potentail clients and colleagues.
  • How do I edit an existing Property Website?
  • If you have created an account, you can log in, select the "My Sites" menu option, locate the Property Website you want to work with and click the link
  • Can I save an incomplete Property Website and go back to it later?
  • Absolutely. During the Property Website creation process, simply click the "Save" button and it will be available to you at any time via your "My Sites" link.
  • What if I forgot something or meant to use different photos after I activated my Property Website?
  • It's important you make sure all information on your Property Website is complete and accurate before proofing. We do, however, allow you to make certain changes to the Property Website after it has been proofed. Certain items like property address cannot be changed, but items like price and description can be.

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Proofing Process

  • How quickly will I be able to access my Property Website?
  • Your Property Websites are available immediately after they are paid for. All marketing links will be created and your Property Website will be available for view online.
  • What kinds of changes can I make once I proof my Property Website?
  • We limit the amount of information that can be changed after a Property Website has been proofed and / or purchased. You can make changes to items that are likely to change during the course of the home's listing period (like price, description changes, etc.). Other major changes require another Property Website to be created and proofed.
  • Can I modify the colors on the Property Website?
  • That's the best thing about our Property Website. We let you select layout features like colors, blended top color, and MORE! Even if you're not computer savvy, our easy to read and understand creation page will have you designing top-notch Property Websites just like the pros!

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Property Website in General

  • Can I get a quantity discount?
  • We offer discounts for Credit Tokens (each token is good for one Property Website purchase or one eMail Blast area). Buying in bulk saves you more money. Visit our pricing page for details.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • No. You can use your Credit Tokens to purchase an eMail Blast to select areas, but there are no additional fees or charges that are not selected by you. From time to time, we may offer special enhancements or marketing packages that you may wish to take advantage of.
  • Can I do a Property Website for a For Sale by Owner property or for a listing with Limited Service agency?
  • Yes. You can create settings for FSBO's and other property specific types.
  • Are the Property Website viewable on mobile devices?
  • Yes. Our Property Websites are smart phone capable. Depending on who hosts your email (i.e. yahoo.com, aol.com, gmail.com, msn.com) and how your email spam filter is configured, our Property Websites may need to have content downloaded or enabled (It simply depends on your individual phone and email settings).
  • May I use the graphics, HTML and/or images for further marketing on my end?
  • Absolutely. Our Property Websites are designed to be viewed and marketed online. We offer you links and even HTML code snippets that you can place in Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Craigslist®, emails, and other online based marketing.
  • May I post the Property Website link on my website?
  • Yes. Each Property Website has a disctinct URL that you can use to embed in your website via iFrame or use as an email link.
  • How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from AZListingInfo.com?
  • There is no action required to unsubscribe from our service. You simply stop using it. Remaining credits are not refundable.
  • Can I have several listings on a Property Website?
  • No, the limit is one listing per Property Website.

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